Sanitization services

Intensive Wipe Down Disinfection

All contact points are cleaned with industry grade microfiber wipes and chemicals proven to kill microorganisms on objects that are too big to be sterilized and/or cannot be exposed to heat.


We also use Electrostatic sprayers, they are used to spray large areas to kill microorganisms that cannot be exposed to heat. Ask us some of the benefits of electrostatic disinfection.

More Sanitization Services

Preventative Response

Having the right plan, equipment and supplies in case of an emergency can be the difference between success and failure

Scheduled Services

We are capable of performing routine property disinfection in order to help prevent an incident or in the event of suspected cases

Emergency Response

If presented with an emergency Beeta is ready. We are on-call 24/7 to help mitigate risk and fix the damage

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